The Petey Greene Program strives to:

  1. Provide a free, effective, and reliable supplemental tutoring service that prioritizes individual needs of incarcerated learners,

  2. Build strong relationships between academic institutions, communities, and departments of corrections,

  3. Train volunteers in the skills necessary to tutor a variety of subjects,

  4. Improve student achievement in high school equivalency, adult basic education, pre-college, post-secondary education, and other academic programs,

  5. Encourage a positive academic environment grounded in professional and respectful interactions,

  6. Increase awareness of the positive impact of education in correctional facilities.

In order to:

  1. Ensure that people in prison gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further academic opportunities and/or meaningful and fulfilling employment,

  2. Promote life-long enthusiasm for learning and study, 

  3. Foster patience, conscientious effort, and confidence in both tutors and students,

  4. Facilitate tutor-student connections rooted in mutual respect,

  5. Generate increased support in society at large for education in prisons and jails,

  6. Build an understanding of the criminal justice system’s role in our country and communities.