A common request from our volunteers has been for more comprehensive training prior to the beginning of tutoring. This year, the Petey Greene team overhauled our orientation for volunteers by creating and implementing a new tutor training program. The curriculum draws from experienced tutors’ knowledge, tutoring best practices, and advice from adult education experts.  

The new training program, which consists of workshops on adult education, cultural humility, and tutoring skills among other topics, is designed to prepare volunteers to be effective tutors as well as to promote dialogue and reflection about the overall tutoring experience.  During trainings, our staff facilitates conversations about the challenges of volunteering in a correctional facility, individual privilege - especially in relation to access to education, and our tutors' work within the context of broader criminal justice and public education issues in the United States.

In addition to the initial training, student leaders will offer follow-up workshops throughout the semesters, giving our tutors the opportunity to debrief their experiences, hone their tutoring skills, and continue to discuss issues related to education and incarceration. Since the beginning of the Fall semester, we have successfully trained nearly 200 volunteers.