Successful events are well-planned events. The ideal goal is to have the semester (dream goal: entire school year) planned in advance. This would require an end of semester meeting to prep for the next semester both in the Fall and Spring.

SUGGESTED: One recruitment event at beginning of semester, a mid-semester social event and/or follow up training, end of semester feedback & celebration (small- possibly campus specific- in Fall; Year End region-wide in Spring)

GOAL: Every campus to host at least one event per year.

  1. Identify type/purpose of event (recruitment, celebration, tutor check-in, follow-up training, film + Q&A, panel discussion, etc.)
  2. Check university calendar to see when major events (exams, homecoming, etc.) are scheduled.

  3. Choose dates for events and submit to appropriate department/office at university for approval and to be included on website/calendar/mailings/etc.  

  4. Secure space: complete request forms/follow campus procedures

  5. Secure speakers. Protocol is to give any speakers 2 months notice. Be sure to ask about any fees/honorariums. Work with your Regional Field Manager/Volunteer Coordinator to secure the appropriate funds. 

  6. Secure refreshments: seek in-kind donations; use tax exempt status

  7. Advertise*

    1. Create and post flyers on campus (if effective at the university)

    2. Social Media

    3. Tabling in student center or at appropriate events

    4. Presentations in classrooms

    5. Email blast (from campus org if possible)

  8. Email all interested people 3 weeks out from event and a reminder email 1-week in advance

  9. Confirm speakers, food, space, etc. 1-week in advance

*Best practice to include sign-ups in any advertising done. This will help to build database of contacts.