Student leaders are expected to meet with volunteers to debrief each semester. These debrief sessions can happen mid-semester or at the end of the semester. Gathering semesterly feedback from tutors will be a leader responsibility. They can be one-on-one or in a small group.

  1. Understand the importance of feedback- leaders and tutors

    • We can only improve if we get quality honest feedback that we then use to inform future decisions.

  2. Best Practices for getting feedback

    • Create a comfortable space/environment where everyone is at ease

    • Ensure tutors that there are no wrong answers and that their pointed honest input is desired

    • Explain how you will collect, report and use the information gathered

    • Establish a plan- questions you want to ask, how long, how you will record prepared.

    • Use open ended questions as much as possible. Rephrase questions for clarity.

    • Encourage everyone to share. Be willing to ask someone who is not participating a direct question

    • Be comfortable in the silence. Allow people room to think/process

  3. Documentation

    • Use provided questions (but be prepared to ask follow-up and go deeper)

    • Record all responses on a big piece of paper/place that everyone can see. Viewing the responses sometimes stimulates more conversation.

    • After feedback, type up all responses and email to VC