Update: We are currently not accepting applications for the Petey Greene Program in Connecticut. Thank you for your interest.


We recruit, train and coordinate volunteers to serve as academic tutors at a number of correctional facilities in the area, primarily recruiting undergraduate and graduate students from UCONN-Storrs, Eastern Connecticut University, and Connecticut College. This page is intended for potential tutors who are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities and, if appropriate, applying to participate in them.

Our goal is to strengthen and build on the number of tutors in our established tutoring programs while also pursuing connections between new correctional facilities and colleges and universities.


Our volunteers serve as academic tutors, working one-on-one or in small groups with incarcerated students in correctional facilities in order to support their academic achievement. We primarily support students enrolled in high school equivalency (GED) programs.


The volunteer opportunity is a weekly commitment, with tutoring sessions typically lasting 3-4 hours including transportation time. Consistency is crucial for our students' academic success and is something that sets us apart from other volunteering programs. Typically, our tutoring calendar follows the academic calendar. Program recruitment at universities begins in September and tutoring starts in October. Volunteers are required to tutor weekly throughout the academic semester, with the exception of academic breaks and exam periods.

All volunteers are required to complete a 5 hour training run by Petey Greene program staff. The new volunteer must also complete the necessary facility clearance paperwork and attend a facility orientation. We will also host events and follow-up trainings that we will ask you to attend.

Transportation is often provided by the university civic center, but many volunteers also drive their own vehicles to and from the facilities. We ask that all volunteers are flexible and, although not always necessary, be willing to carpool with other volunteers to and from the facilities. All travel expenses, including gas, will be reimbursed by the Petey Greene Program.


Currently, the Connecticut program serves 4 facilities: Cybulski Community Reintegration Center, Danbury Federal Correctional Institution, Macdougall-Walker Correctional Institution, and York Correctional Institution. All tutors are required to be over the age of 18, and must have a social security number and government-issued ID (driver’s license or passport). All volunteers must also be enrolled in a college or university or have a bachelor’s degree.


Our program is currently operating in 4 separate correctional facilities across the region and 7 universities and colleges. Please see the map below for directions and locations:

Universities/Colleges (Purple): Connecticut College, Eastern Connecticut State University, University of Connecticut - Storrs

Correctional Facilities (Orange): Cybulski Community Reintegration Center, FCI Danbury, MacDougall-Walker CI, York CI


Thank you for reading this far and for your interest in tutoring with the Petey Greene Program. Our application consists of an online form which is at the bottom of this page. We will then select applicants for an in-person interview, before making our final decision.

Because of the sensitive nature of the work we do, we want to be sure we provide all of our applicants in advance as much information as possible, so that they can make an informed decision to participate. Please go through the following items below before applying:

  1. The process of becoming a tutor is selective.  We are looking for individuals who have a passion for education and a commitment to social justice, who will be able to deal with the challenges of working within a correctional facility, and who will be able to develop their skills and adapt to unexpected circumstances throughout their time with us.

  2. All tutoring is done on a volunteer basis and no tutors are paid by the Petey Greene Program for their work. If you are looking for a community service opportunity for student aid, the Petey Greene Program welcomes your application.

  3. All tutors will be required to pass a background check to enter the correctional facilities to tutor students. The Petey Greene Program does not control the background verification process and cannot guarantee that you’ll be approved, or how quickly you'll be approved (clearance time ranges from 1 to 3 months).

  4. The Petey Greene Program expects that you will honor your commitment to tutoring and attend a tutoring session once a week through the academic semester, excluding exam periods and academic breaks. Attendance will be taken. If you feel that your schedule might prevent you from honoring your commitment, you may want to consider applying at another time.

  5. We will reimburse transportation to and from the correctional facilities by car.

The Petey Greene Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, sex, marital status, disability, status as a U.S. veteran or criminal record.